Craft of the territory. We look for the best solution for your needs.

Territorial planning

We offer services and advice for territorial and strategic planning: definition of territorial plans and programs; support in the development of urban planning; strategic environmental assessment and impact studies and landscape integration.

We advise local corporations in the definition of integrated urban strategies and concretization of their policies, we support the initiatives of sustainable and alternative mobility of municipalities, from participatory processes to the design of bike lanes, healthy roads and safe school routes.


Since 2007 we integrate the landscape in all our proposals, we have the experience of having launched the first Landscape Strategy of Galicia, and the Collection of good practices "Paisaxe Galega", we incorporate the information, training and active participation for the definition of landscape quality objectives and the integrated solution of the proposals.

We can develop proposals, integrating ourselves into other teams, advising for a better understanding of the place where they are going to intervene and, in this way, improve how the action will take shape.

Urban and architectural design

We develop both urban renewal and regeneration projects, for the improvement of urban space, and services for architectural design or restoration. From feasibility, technical and economic evaluations, construction management and safety plan.