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Francisco Castillo

Dr. Geographer collaborating expert in Climate and Education.

He has developed his scientific work in the field of Climatology. With long experience in teacher training. In recent years he worked in the field of territorial management. He was Head of Landscape Service and Director of the Technical Studies Department of the Institute of Territorial Studies of the Xunta de Galicia. Currently, he combines his teaching work with different projects linked to the world of landscape, climate and territory.

Belén Borobio Sanchiz

Architect and Promotor for equality. Collaborator in efective equality

Architect by the University of Navarra on 2001, Promotor for efective equality between women and men, with certificate of proffesionality level 3. Formed in Creative Education with Diraya Expresión (2011-2012) and Arno Stern (Paris 2017). Formed in Active Listening with Antonio Guijarro Morales (Center of Humanist Psycotherapy in Madrid). You can learn more about her in her expression center.

Juan Carlos Maneiro Cadillo

Biologist expert in fishing, aquaculture and food.

He has carried out his work activity fundamentally linked to the Xunta de Galicia with specialization in the control of the quality of the marine environment, the application of the technical-sanitary regulations of marine products and fisheries management, where he has held various management positions among which It should be noted: Technical Director and General Director of the Centro de Control da Quality do Medio Mariño; Director of the Instituto Tecnolóxico para o Control do Medio Mariño (INTECMAR); General Director of Competitiveness and Technological Innovation of the Consellería do Mar; Secretary General do Mar of the Consellería do Mar; General Director of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Technological Innovation of the Consellería do Mar.

Claudia del Pino Martínez

Postgraduate in tourism, specialist in planning and marketing.

Postgraduate in tourism from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), specialist in planning and marketing. She has worked at the Tourism Study and Research Centre (CETUR), an interdisciplinary project in the framework of the USC, where she was also a professor in the Department of Business Organization and Commercialization. She has collaborated in numerous projects in the public and private sectors within the areas of strategic marketing, information, promotion and tourism product. Currently she is a teacher and a tourism consultant with the constant that the only viable approach to development is that which puts the welfare of the people and the preservation of the environment first.

Augusto Pérez-Alberti

Full Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Collaborator in Geomorphology and Landscape.

He has been an Associate Professor at the Santiago de Compostela University and visiting professor at the universities of Le Mans and Nantes (France) and Neuquen (Argentina). He has been a visiting researcher at Guelph (Ontario, Canada), Laval (Quebec, Canada), Montevideo (Uruguay), Mendoza (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil), ESPE (Quito, Ecuador) and Universidad de Chile (Santiago. Chile). His main lines of research focus on glacial and periglacial geomorphology; rocky coast geomorphology; integrated studies of the natural environment and landscape. He has carried out research in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, Morocco, Chile and Antarctica.